Yüksel Ergen
Born in 1942 in Kumkale, present day Troy area of Çanakkale, Yüksel Ergen completed his high school education in Çanakkale. He spent his childhood among the ruins of the Ancient City. He studied Chemical Engineering at the University of İstanbul, then worked in Çanakkale Seramik for 21 years in engineering and management roles. He established many companies and worked as a consultant in his field of expertise, Ceramics, in both Turkey and internationally. For five years, he served as a member of Ceramics Commission at the Technological Development Trust. In 1990 Yüksel Ergen established İris Otel in Güzelyalı, Çanakkale. His passion for archaeology draw him to collect ancient artefacts starting in 1995. In his collection, there are some 800 objects spanning thousands of years from Troy times to Selçuk Empire and Ottoman Empire (Mehmet the conqueror years). His earnest wish is to see that the excavations of past civilization in Anatolia are carried out and documented by indigenous experts.

Yüksel Ergen is currently active in the area of tourism, organic agriculture, conservation of local fruits and vegetables and preservation of endangered speices.

Mola Caddesi No:68 Güzelyalı/ÇANAKKALE

T : 0 286 232 86 28
F : 0 286 232 80 28