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You can maximize your holiday experience with the wide range of activities available at IRIS HOTEL & SPA, and vicinities:





The epic wrecks of Çanakkale, which hide many stories in its depths, were brought to diving tourism. Warships that have been lying deep in the strait for over a hundred years have been opened to diving tourism with the "Gallipoli Historical Underwater Park".

Historic Wrecks

Diving enthusiasts will discover the mystery of 14 sunken ships, including the British Royal Navy's "HMS Majestic," which sank off Seddülbahir Castle. Gallipoli Historical Underwater Park diving points, which allow diving in 14 diving points within an area of 150 square kilometers; "HMS Majestic", "Ertuğrul Bay Massena and Saghalien ship remnants", "Helles Barc", "Tekke Bay (W Beach) wrecks", "Ariburnu Barç", "Small Barc", "Ariburnu Layter", "Lundy", "HMS Louis", "S.S. Milo", "Tuzla", "Submarine Mania Network", "Baby Rocks" and "HMS Triumph"

Click here for Gallipoli Historical Underwater Park information page.

Just Feel the Wind!



Our hotel has seafront sandy beach by the Dardanelles and facing a gentle but constant breeze. While staying in our hotel you can get kiteboard and windsurf lessons from the sports school which shares the beach next to our hotel. Since the sea is quite shallow up to 20 meters from the shore, it offers an excellent opportunity for beginners to practice.

By the way, if you also explore the underwater don't forget to bring your snorkeling equipment with you.





Kitesurfing is called "the sport of freedom". Combining the power of the wind in the kite, you can also perform acrobatic movements while sliding on the water, and you can use your creativity to the fullest by surrendering yourself to the wind in kitesurfing. Of course, first of all, a good education is a must. With 8 - 9 hours of training per day in kitesurfing, it is possible to start gliding as an amateur at the end of 3 days.

Available Locations

It is possible to see kitesurfing enthusiasts in almost all four seasons of the year in Saros Bay, Gökçeada and Bozcaada, with two training centers on the Iris Hotel beach in the Çanakkale region.

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Kazdagi occupies an important place in classical mythology. Its name first appears as the Mount Ida in the famous epic poem “The Iliad” composed by Homer in the eighth century B.C. It forms the natural border between the provinces of Çanakkale and Balikesir in northwestern Turkey. The highestpeak (Karatas Hill) of this mountain is 1774 m. Kazdagi was declared a National Park in 1994 because of its rich plant cover.




Discover green spaces, dedicated cycling trails, skills areas and beginner mountain bike trails perfect for starting your children on their cycling journey. So, grab your helmet and head out for a beautiful cycle ride.

Forest mountain biking trails near you whether you're an adrenaline-seeking downhill addict, a cross country fanatic craving a leg-stretching long ride, or simply want to get out and experience off-road biking in a beautiful and inspiring environment — the forests behind us have got the mountain bike trails for you.

City Sightseeing

Our Location

IRIS Hotel & SPA is located 15 km from the city centre, 10 km from the Ancient City of Troy, 14 km from Çanakkale Bus Terminal, 14 km from Çanakkale Airport, 30 km from Gelibolu (Gallipoli), 50 km from Assos, 122 km from Edremit Airport, 300 km from Istanbul Atatürk Airport and 330 km from Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport.

Gateway to History and Nature…

Thanks to this excellent location, you can organize daily trips and enjoy these natural and historical attractions.


Hotel Address: Mola Street No:68, Güzelyalı

Çanakkale TURKEY

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